Front Step Remodel at the Stanley Hotel

The Historic Stanley Hotel

City, ST  |  December 2016  |  5,000 Sq. Ft.

The dream of the Grand Heritage Hotel Group, owners of the Stanley Hotel, was to restore the stature of the aging Gregorian Colonial style hotel, the grandeur of its 1909 opening by F.O. Stanley, and revive its financial success.

The Historic Stanley Hotel is an impressive sight as one descends into the Estes Park Valley area. It is visible from several of the approaches into the town. Any additions, relocations or new structures must respect the ‘historic’ designation of the hotel itself, as well as contribute to the impressive views of this early 1900’s hotel.

T. W. Beck Architects has been selected for a number of many important Stanley Hotel restoration projects – as well as a number of new business ventures on the property. Expertise in historic preservation, a record of building to compliment the views of this gorgeous mountain region, and experience working with the many agencies involved in historic renovation made the selection of T.W. Beck Architects the natural choice for the projects. Those projects include:

·         Outdoor and indoor renovations of the historic Concert Hall (approximately 3,000 square feet)

·         Outdoor and indoor renovation of the Manor House

·         Repurposing of existing older structures for a Beauty Salon & Day Spa

·         Refurbishing of an existing facility for a new Executive Office building.

·         Repurposing of existing building for a multi-configurable Presidential Suite

The Stanley Hotel Presidential Suite remodel was a significant collaboration between the client, the architect and the many agencies that oversee the historic interests of the hotel and valley. Originally, the Presidential Suite building was located on a lower site near what is now a fast-food restaurant. When it was originally built, it was used as a gatehouse admitting and directing guests to the Stanley Hotel. Decades ago, this gatehouse was relocated to its present site, where it was set on an existing stone wall and a walkout basement was provided. For many years the building was used for storage, and then used as employee housing. When the project to renovate and designate this as the new Presidential Suite was envisioned, the deteriorated state of the building necessitated complete rewiring, and all new plumbing. As the structure had no insulation the interior was essentially gutted.

When the Stanley owners approached T.W. Beck Architects, their concept goals for the Stanley Presidential Suite were:

a.       To design a project that would respect the ‘look and feel’ of the existing Historic Stanley Hotel.

b.      To design a four-bedroom project that could be rented to groups such as wedding parties, family reunions or visiting dignitaries.

c.       In addition, if the entire building was not required for a single use, the upper and lower levels could be rented to separate parties and provide for separate entrances and security within.

As part of the design solutions, T.W. Beck also provided many outside refurbishments such as site-complementary siding repairs, upper and lower level handicap access, a patio to add ambiance to the project, creating photogenic support for weddings and special events.  A new deck was designed on the south side, available to the master bedroom and living room of the suite. On the lower level, a new west-facing patio was designed with privacy fencing for the two downstairs bedrooms.

One measure of client satisfaction is the usage as an exclusive suite for wedding parties made available from this new Presidential Suite. The project has been cited as an addition that Mr. Stanley would have approved of and enjoyed.