Salud Fort Lupton Major Remodel

Fort Lupton Salud Family Health Center, Major Remodel

City, ST  |  December 2016  |  5,000 Sq. Ft.

Major Remodel Updates Colorado Medical and Dental Clinic

In 2007 Salud Family Health Centers selected T.W. Beck Architects to do a major remodel of their Fort Lupton medical and dental clinic. Built originally in 1982, the 21,800 square-foot interior was completely redesigned and updated.

The 4482 square-foot lower level, originally used primarily for storage and to house mechanical systems, became home to an expanded pharmacy, significantly enhancing service to Fort Lupton patients.  The major remodel enabled Salud to include a large conference facility.  New, larger, upgraded restrooms have been added.  The installation of an elevator provides added convenience for patients and employees. In addition, the elevator makes the facility fully accessible and ADA compliant.

Beck redesigned the 17,320 square-foot main level for efficient use of space.  A well-placed, central waiting area allows the elimination of multiple, department-specific waiting areas. This change frees up valuable space for more exam and treatment rooms. The clinic now has eighteen exam rooms, a new ultrasound exam room, one procedure room and eight dental operatories.  The redesign also provides a larger medical records area. The architectural design facilitates better organization of services and much easier navigation of the facility by patients.

The exterior received a make-over with a newly-designed, updated entry to welcome existing and new patients.  The Fort Lupton clinic is located at 1115 Second Street.