Historic Mary's Lake Lodge Restoration

Historic Mary’s Lake Lodge

City, ST  |  December 2016  |  5,000 Sq. Ft.

Historic Lodge Resurrected & Restored

Mary’s Lake Lodge property is a thriving and growing hotel, conference and retreat center. After a fire destroyed more than half of the structure in 1978, it took the action of visionary new owners and the skills of T.W. Beck Architects to restore this historic property. The project was a combination of restoration based upon its valued historic status, as well as building to recover from the fire and other ravages of aging and neglect.

The owners chose T.W. Beck Architects to design the recovery and rebuilding of the fire-damaged portions of Mary’s Lake Lodge. In addition, the job included design of a modern kitchen, a new bar, dining room, and a spa. New major deck structures provide beautiful settings for weddings and anniversary celebrations. The architectural solutions designed by the architect allowed the lodge to undergo a complete restoration, including all new plumbing, heating and electrical systems.

Where possible, original fixtures, such as wall hung sinks and claw foot tubs, are incorporated into the renovation. The 1920’s windows have been re-glazed, refinished, and restored. T.W. Beck designed 16 rooms and luxury suites. The majority of rooms provide spectacular views.

The project spanned several years, and now Mary’s Lake Lodge is totally restored to its original grandeur. In addition, the success of the project, as gauged by the popularity of the location, the views and the ambiance of this lovely old property, led to the selection of T.W. Beck Architects to design completely new condominiums. The condominiums are site-complementary to this historic property. The new condominiums or “south wing replica” were ‘run-away’ best sellers – most being sold before construction was initiated or completed.